Learning science and maths does not mean gaining knowledge about facts and principles but also includes gaining practical skills. The Practical skills help the student to understand the basic concepts, which connects the theoretical knowledge of the learner to experience the real world through experiments. Our school has well equipped laboratories of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Computer .

DTEA Moti Bagh has two computer laboratories

Dell connected classroom (DCC) Our school has Dell Connected classroom. It has 24 laptops with touch screen, interactive white broad, projector, mobile computing station. It is fitted with air-conditioner. Teachers are teaching through this new technology. DCC slot is allocated in the time table. Teachers are taking classes as per the time table by using DCC Lab. This provides excellent platform for the students to clarify and also clear the concepts of the subject most effectively.
Digital Equalizer laboratory Our computer laboratory is well equipped with 10 computers having next generation technologies . Students and teachers use the computers for various academic purposes. The classes are conducted with the help of facilitator from AIF ( American Indian Foundation).


Our library has a collection of about 10000 books. It has an interesting collection of learning and teaching materials for the children as well as teachers. It is furnished with spacious seating arrangement and display racks. It has a collection of reference books like children’s encyclopaedias, dictionaries, biographies of great men and women. There are also books about our cultural heritage, popular games and sports.The school subscribes to Newspapers and Magazines in various languages. All the books are catalogued and are placed systematically.

Our Infrastructures