Our school is located in a lush green environment and equipped with adequateinfrastructure,having modern educational facilities inclusive of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Our school infrastructure comprises with well illuminated classrooms, laboratories, libraries, activity rooms etc. Our school has a playful area for conducting various sports activities. Our school garden occupies prominent features which provides fruiting plants, herbal plants and seasonal flowering plants for aesthetic sense. Our campus encompasses with round the clock security guards , CCTV cameras .It also includes toilets for boys and girls with regular interval of sanitation. Aqua guard is being installed for pure drinking water and also have full time housekeeping staff to ensure the cleanliness of the campus. Our school provides student centred education, which helps them to move from darkness and leads to the magnificent world of light and truth.


Classrooms are wide, airy and equipped with appropriate furniture ,fixtures and brightened by natural light, where teachers and students interact cordially in order to keep the classroom environment more friendly.


Library is the storehouse of knowledge and information, helping students to improve their literacy skills. Our school has a well stacked library with wide variety of reference books, fictions, story books , encyclopaedias, periodicals , course books, journals and News Papers. Books periodicals and journals are catalogued subject wise/author wise for the convenience of students and teacher. The school library caters the need of all the classes from VIth to XIIth. The library stocks are regularly updated with latest addition of the books available in the market.


This room is named as Reading Clinic,which is exclusively for primary students.This room is equipped with colourful furniture, projectors and its walls are colourfully painted exhibiting various themes.This clinic has about 800 books in various language viz. English, Hindi and Tamil,which includes story books,reference books, dictionaries etc.In addition,it also has educational toys and games to develop multitask skills.


Learning science not only mean gaining knowledge about facts and principles but also includes gaining practical skills. The Practical skills help the student to understand the basic concepts, which connects the theoretical knowledge to experience the real world through experiments.Our school has well equipped laboratories namely Biology, Chemistry, Physics, where our students perform various experiments supported by vast range of equipment ,under the guidance of skilled teachers and experienced laboratory staff.


The purpose of this lab is to make learning maths fun through educational aids, interactive tools with the guidance of teachers and also to get them interested in maths as a subject. Our students performs various activities such as pattern making using symmetry concept,Vedic maths activities, crossword puzzles, quiz , Sudoku and also observe important days such as – Celebration of Math week followed by A great mathematician - Ramanujam Day, pi day etc.


Our school has twocomputer laboratories:
Dell connected classroom (DCC):Our school has Dell Connected classroom.It has 24 laptops with touch screen,interactive white broad, projector, mobile computing station. It is fitted with air-conditioner.Teaching is held through this new technology. DCC slot is allocated in the time table. Teachers are taking classes as per the time table by using DCC Lab. This provides excellent platform for the students not only to understand the concepts easily but also most effectively.
Digital Equalizer laboratory: Our computer laboratory is well equipped with 20 computers having next generation technologies . Students and teachers use the computers for various academic purposes. The classes are conducted with the help of facilitator from Department of Educations.


Our school believe that ‘A Sound mind rest in a sound body’.Our school has state of the art sports field. Our play ground comprises with Cricket ,Foot ball and Basket ball courts, where our qualified training instructors inculcate team spirit and sound emotional health among students.Our students participate in all inter DTEA competitions and intra school competitions such as zone, district and state level sports conducted by department of education .There is a separate play area for the primary children, where they have fixtures like slides, sea saws , swings and merry- go- round.


Safeguarding the wellbeing of our students and staff is aprimary concern of our school management(DTEA,Regd.).In order to ensure students safety and security in the school premises, in and around CCTV cameras are installed. It helps in monitoring and keeping track of activities taking place in the school premises. Fire extinguisher are also placed at various places in the school premises.


Our school is equipped with Biometric attendance Monitoring system for staff. It helps to identify the teachers for every roll – call. Attendance machines help in automation of attendance of the staff and can help in tracking the in and out time of employees.


One of the upcoming area is effective communication through digital mode. Our school has introduced SMS service scheme. This service is activated exclusively for the parents. Our school provides SMS notification systems to the parents in their register mobile number about important school updates, such as students attendance, home work ,school closures, emergency notifications and event reminders etc. from time to time. This service assist the parents significantly not only in updating day today activity but also monitoring their wards closely.


A new nutrition breakfast program is being introduced to energize our primary students. Nutritionally healthy food items are served to the students. This help them to improve their memory and grasping power. In addition ,Mid Day Meal scheme(Lunch) is being offered to our students (from class 6th to 8th) by Government of India.